Picture of North Park 神学院 Cupola in 芝加哥



领域的教育 is a companion to classroom work at North Park Theological 神学院, 这有助于发展:

  • Practical individual preparation for ministry
  • Interpersonal and communication skills in a ministry context
  • Insights into ministry organization
  • New areas for vocational growth
  • Confidence and competence for using your degree after seminary


需求 differ for each degree but may include: internship, clinical pastoral education (chaplaincy experience), a course on vocational excellence, cultural competency experience, and a theological reflection module.

与朋友见面 野外教育处 在项目早期. The staff will walk you through the requirements and help you select appropriate options for internships and experiences. You must have a plan in place before your 学位候选资格评估, which usually occurs in the second semester of your program.

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